PHP/ZendCon Trivia on twitter

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p. Let’s have a little fun, shall we? Here is what we’ll do. I’ll ask ZendCon or PHP trivia via twitter (“”: and the first person to email me the correct answer at **** will win a prize.

p. I’ve got PHP trading card sets, books, elePHPants, PHP playing card decks and copies of Zend Studio to give away. One or more of these can be yours just for following “@ZendCon”: and playing along.

h3. Da Rules

  • All entries must be via email. No tweets, IM, DM, or IRC answers will be considered.
  • The first correct answer wins.
  • The judges decisions are final and shall not be questioned.

p. So, if you don’t have a twitter client yet, grab “spaz”:, create your twitter account and follow “@ZendCon”: Get in on the fun!