PHP RefCardz now available! (Finally)

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p. !>! Refcardz is a cool project by my friends over at and last week it just got a lot cooler because they released their first “PHP RefCard”:

p. If you are not familiar with “Refcardz”: They are really nicely formatted quick reference sheets. dzone wirks with top authors in each field to publish them and then make them available for download for free.

bq. PHP is the world’s most popular server-side Web scripting language. This reference card was created to help you quickly navigate some of PHP’s most commonplace features, including object oriented programming, array and string manipulation, regular expressions, and MySQL integration.

Features include Configuration, Popular PEAR Packages, Object-Oriented PHP, Regular Expressions, MySQL Integration, Hot Tips and more.

p. The PHP Refcard was written by Jason Gilmore. Jason is the author of 3 excellent books including “Beginning PHP and MySQL, 3rd Edition”.

p. Want your own free copy of this or other Refcards? Visit the “PHP Refcard page”: page to download. Make sure you drop Rick, Matt and Jason a note and tell them how much you appreciate the effort. (Of if you don’t have their email addresses handy, just use the “Dzone contact us form”:

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