Zend Framework Bug Hunt Day Review

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DragonBe has posted on his blog a review of the Zend Framework Bug Hunt Day recently organized by the phpGG and PHPBelgium user groups. Although not too many bugs were fixed, this was a great community event that highlighted the importance of the community’s role in the success of the Zend Framework.

“With a turn up of 25 to 30 people we could call this day a success on bringing attention to the need of fixing bugs of huge frameworks. Although no statistics are yet available, I think only a handful of bugs were actually fixed that day. Not much compared to the turn up, but non the less better then none at all.”

The blog post also includes links to a presentation given by Juriën Stutterheim on how bugs should be processed, and event pictures. The next Bug Hunt Day will focus on Symfony – have a look at the official event notice, and sign up if you can!