PHP TestFest 2009

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p. The 2009 edition of the “PHP TestFest”: has been announced. The goal is to get local User Groups together to work on writing phpt unit tests for PHP that will increase the code coverage.

p. Besides getting loads of good karma for helping out the PHP project in general, the PHP team is throwing in a few additional perks to help encourage participation. Such as a raffle of some of the “elePHPants: as well as potentially giving direct CVS commit access to those people who show themselves to be extremely helpful.

p. There are a number of resources to help you get involved with this years TestFest:

* – Resources:
* – “Official TestFest 2009 page”:
* – “TestFest UserGroup Wiki”:
* – “PHP QA Mailing List”:
* – PHP TestFest IRC channel on Freenode: #phptestfest