Zend announces public beta of a new product: Zend Server

Zend today is announcing that it
has opened a public beta of a new product called Zend Server. It’s
completely free for anyone to go download it and try it out. Zend
is really hoping for some good feedback to make this product the
best it can be.

Zend Server is designed to be a all-in-one installer to get setup
quickly with Apache, PHP, Zend Framework, and a PHP optimizer.
It also comes with an admin UI to configure PHP easily.
It uses native installers for various operating systems,
and is available for Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux (.deb, .rpm or tarball).

There are two versions being released. The full Zend Server
(which after Beta will be a commercial product, price to be
announced), and Zend Server CE, which is a version completely
free to use however you wish. The full Zend Server comes with
the following additional features:

  • Page Caching
  • Monitoring
  • Support & Hot Fixes

If you are interesting in trying out Zend Server for yourself,
check out one of the following links to get started: