The SPL Deserves Some Reiteration

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“On the Blue Parabola blog, Matthew Turland has written about SPL”: (The Standard PHP Library), stating that it underrated, and wanting to make sure that it gets some more attention:

bq. If any PHP extension is underrated, it’s probably the SPL (Standard PHP Library). From what I can tell without having been involved in its development, its purpose is somewhat similar to the STL. A while back, it was useful mainly for allowing class instances to be iterable and simulate array access. The old API documentation, while certainly better than none at all, is not very easy to sift through. The revitalized manual documentation is a fairly large improvement over its predecessor, but certainly isn’t a replacement for a real reference guide. Despite this, using the SPL classes actually turned out to be pretty straightforward once you got your hands on a good starting guide or two to help you beat the learning curve.