PHP 5.3, PDT, & PDTT – Help Welcomed

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“Eclipse PDT”: has had numerous people working on it to prepare it for full PHP 5.3 support. “On his blog, Michael Spector has posted a screenshot”: of what it looks like, and lists some recently fixed bugs:


“Roy Ganor (A Zend employee who works on PDT) also posted an article on his blog”:, mentioning how Unit Tests are now exposed, and calling for help from the community to please write some unit tests for them. PDT uses it’s own unit test framework, called PDTT, which is a clone of the popular phpt unit test system for PHP.

From the “PDTT wiki page”:

bq. The first thing you need to know about tests is that we need more!!! Although Eclipse PDT code assist works just great 99.99% of the time, not having a very comprehensive test suite means that we take more risks every time we add to or modify the Eclipse PDT Code Assist Engine implementation. The second thing you need to know is that if you can write PHP you can write tests. Thirdly – we are a friendly and welcoming community, don’t be scared about writing to ( – we won’t bite!

So anyone out there who is using PDT (Or Zend Studio for that matter) who would like to help out. See if you can find some time to write a few unit tests for them!