A Practical Guide to Data Caching with Zend Server

Did you know that Zend Server not only has it’s own PHP accelerator built in (like APC). But that it also has similar functionality allowing for caching of data in shared memory? “Shahar Evron”:http://prematureoptimization.org/, Project Manager of Zend Server, has written a white paper describing just how exactly to use this to good effect. You can “download this whitepaper as a PDF”:http://static.zend.com/topics/Zend-Server-Data-Caching-Whitepaper-0106-T-WP-R1-EN.pdf

bq. When asked about the most significant methods to speed up PHP applications, most experts would say “Cache, Cache and Cache”. There are a lot of optimizations that could be done to PHP code that would make it run faster, but the most effective method to speed up PHP execution is to simply execute less, and one of the best ways to achieve that is through caching. Zend Server provides several caching-related features, including Optimizer+ for byte-code caching, full-page caching using Zend Page Cache, and the Data Cache API.

It should be noted that Optimizer+ (The accelerator and byte-code-cache), and Zend Data Cache (The shared memory caching mechanism similar to APC User Variables) are available in both Zend Server, and Zend Server CE. The Page Cache is a functionality that only comes with a paid subscription to Zend Server.