Call for Papers: International PHP Conference 2009 Fall Edition

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The “Call for Papers”: has gone out for the International PHP Conference 2009 Fall Edition in Karlsruhe, Germany from November 16th through 19th. This year in addition of the main conference, they are having a number of additional events, such as an Uncon:

bq. This year‘s conference will be accompanied by a PHP unconference on Sunday 15th November (open to all speakers and free for all attendees) and the webtech, a conference dedicated to the full spectrum of web technology that is not covered by PHP (at the main conference). Especially web security experts are welcome to add their proposals in this context.

As well as some special days dedicated to MySQL and Architecture:

bq. We are looking for speakers joining the Architecture Day or the MySQL Day. “Architecture”, in terms of project organization, business organization, tools & approaches etc. is becoming a key qualification to developers and teams. And MySQL still is one of the most common open source databases used in many of todays leading web applications. The International PHP Conference will provide attendees with professional and up to date information on both MySQL and Architecture in the world of PHP.

The “Call for Papers”: ends on June 6th.