Lorna Mitchell on Error Feedback for Web Services

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“On her blog, Lorna Jane Mitchell”:http://www.lornajane.net/posts/2009/Error-Feedback-for-Web-Services has written an article discussing how best various APIs & Web Services might want to best return error codes to programmers, and discusses the frustrations that programmers can have dealing with Web Services that do not respond with descriptive, and complete, error codes.

bq. I have been thinking, writing and speaking a little bit about web services recently, starting with a few thoughts on authorisation mechanisms for services. Today we’ll look at another really important aspect of authoring web services, and one feature that will definitely get used – error handling and feedback! Having clear and robust error handling in your service will help those trying to consume it immeasurably. Nothing is more annoying that impenetrable errors, unclear responses, or a service which accepts your input but then turns out not to have done what you expected. And I say that from experience.