Free Zend Framework-based code generator from UML2 models

BOZA Framework is a conceptual instantiation of the Model-Driven Development (MDD) paradigm that aims at shifting the abstraction level from code to models. BOZA Framework comes with an integrated Eclipse-based toolset that allows developers to automatically generate a substantial part of the application source code. All you need is draw the UML2 structural model of the entities and their interrelationships within your application. Hit the generate button and the tool will produce:

  • A complete model of your application (model as in Model View Controller)
  • A complete admin back-end
  • A complete database scheme ready to import in MySQL
  • An overall structure of the Zend folders
  • An initial and working setup which will put you in the fast development lane.

Visit the tool page on our website to find out more the toolset.

You can consult the toolset documentation to find out more about the tool and what it does.