ZendCon 2009 Updates

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ZendCon 2009 is less than 2 months away, and preparations are moving along swiftly! Do make sure that you register soon if it all possible, the Early Bird registration discount ends tomorrow (Friday 8/28/09).

If you visit the ZendCon website: http://zendcon.com/ you can find a full list of sessions & tutorials that will be given, as well as some early information about some of the special events that we will be having. The speaker list is jam packed with well known names in the industry, currently sitting at 45 speakers, and a few more to be added in the coming weeks.

A few specific announcements that I’m really excited about:

1. The Framework Shootout

A no holds barred battle between leading names for 5 of the top PHP Frameworks. Ok, perhaps not ‘no holds barred’, but hopefully highly entertaining none the less. We will have Matthew Weier O’Phinney for Zend Framework, David Zülke for Agavi, Fabien Potencier for Symfony, Ed Finkler for CodeIgniter, and Nate Abele for CakePHP. The panel will be moderated by yours truly, and the panelists will discuss the various pros and cons of their frameworks and include some history of why each framework has made various decisions over time. Audience participation will be encouraged and questions will be taken.

2. Kirrily Robert

I’m so happy to use this space right now to announce Kirrily Robert as one of the ZendCon Keynoters! Kirrily works for
Metaweb Technologies as Community Director for Freebase.com. She has also been working on
several projects related to women in Open Source and other geek
communities wush as the Geek Feminism Wiki, the Dreamwidth
journalling platform and the Organization for Transformative Works: “Archive Of Our Own“.

Kirrily will be presenting a Keynote entitled “Standing out in the Crowd”, which has the following abstract:

What’s it like to be a woman in an open source project that’s 99% men?
What’s it like to be a woman in a project that’s 75%… women?

The open source world has only 1-2% women overall, compared to around
20% in the broader tech industry. Why is this, and why should we
care? Kirrily Robert, who has been in open source since the early
90s, will share her experiences, and also talk about two new open
source projects that have a 75% or more women contributors. What can
we learn from those majority-female projects, and how can it improve
open source overall?

I’d like to wholeheartedly welcome Kirrily onboard as our first announced ZendCon Keynote! I’m looking forward to hearing her talk, and I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of you guys out there at ZendCon this year, so hurry up and go register if you haven’t before the Early Bird discount expires!