A simple blog with Zend Framework 1.9

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I’ve created a simple application as an example for beginners starting with zend framework 1.9. I used the zf command to create the project, so it is somewhat similar to the quickstart directory structure. Many current examples are following the old directory structure which will confuse a newbie.

This is a very simple blog application, missing most of the features of a full blog system such as WordPress.

It’s just designed to show how the Zend_ACL, Zend_Auth, and Zend_Form components of Zend Framework are used. I really hope that this will help newbie Zend Framework developers learn how to built simple applications like this.

I have looked many sites to learn and understand Zend Framework and spent lots of time thinking about the best way to develop this application. So I think that other newbies like me will be trying to learn similar ideas, and trying to learn similar information. Based on this assumption, I hope that this helps them out. You must have some prior application development with PHP and also with the Zend Framework quickstart to understand the application quickly.

Its available on my blog at “http://www.harikt.com/content/simple-blog-using-zend-framework-19”:http://www.harikt.com/content/simple-blog-using-zend-framework-19 . You can grab the github code here: “http://github.com/harikt/zendblog/”:http://github.com/harikt/zendblog/