Zend announces public beta of Zend Server 5.0 at ZendCon

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At ZendCon 2009 today, Zend Technologies announced a public beta of Zend Server 5.0.

Zend Server 5.0 contains numerous small enhancements, but also three big new features:

* PHP 5.3 Support: The CE edition of Zend Server has had PHP 5.3 for a while now, and Zend now is supporting it within the full edition.

* Job Queues: The ability to launch asynchronous or recurring tasks, to offload long running tasks, making a better user experience by creating faster web response instead of waiting for these tasks to finish before returning the page to the user.

* Code Tracing: This is a brand new debugging/analysis tool unique to Zend Server. It acts like an airplane’s black box flight recorder. Recording the full execution trace of any request you wish, so that you can analyze what exactly happened WHEN the error occurred on the live website; instead of trying to replicate conditions and failing. It’s designed to have minimal impact so that it can be run constantly in production, and give you continuous feedback on any errors, slow pages, etc on your website.

Learn more, and download the public beta at: “http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/zend-server-5-new”:http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/zend-server-5-new

NOTE: If you are going to install the beta, you must uninstall any previous install of Zend Server first!