Results of October’s ZF Bug Hunting Days

This past Thursday and Friday, 15-16 October 2009, Zend Framework held its
second monthly bug hunt. Activity started out slow, but picked up
tremendously on Friday, resulting in initially 100 bugs resolved, though a
few have been re-opened in the days since. The full
is available on our issue tracker. Thank you, everyone, for the
participation, and for keeping this initiative alive and vibrant!

The top three community bug hunters this month were:

  • Michael DePetrillo – 14 issues resolved
  • Dolf Schimmel – 12 issues resolved
  • Robin Skoglund – 11 issues resolved

I would particularly like to call out Michael’s contributions. Michael
submitted his first patches during the bug hunt, and, based on the quality
of those patches, we gave him SVN access. The lesson to learn here: you need
not be a ZF veteran contributor to participate and potentially compete in
the bug hunt! If you haven’t participated before, the monthly bug hunt is a
great time to learn the ropes and get some mentoring — so please join us
when you can!

Next month’s bug hunt will be 19-20 November 2009. Get your CLA in before then so you can
participate, and help us improve the framework!

About Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Matthew is a Principal Engineer at Zend Technologies. He is currently project lead for both Zend Framework and Apigility; a Zend Certified Engineer; and a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, the group responsible for authoring the Zend Certification Exam. He contributes to a number of open source projects, blogs on PHP-related topics, and presents talks and tutorials related to PHP development and the projects to which he contributes. You can read more of his thoughts on his blog,