Ibuildings talks about Gmagick, PHP and “the cloud”

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Yes, there, I invoked the ‘C’ word so now you are interested. I can hear the question that is racing through your mind at this point. “What could ‘the cloud’ – the latest technical term to be appropriated by marketing departments worldwide and thus rendered useless – have to do with image processing?”

In the latest tutorial to be released on Ibuildings techPortal, Vito Chin – Ibuildings developer and lead contributor to the Gmagick extension – shows how to use Amazon’s cloud services, Gmagick and a healthy dose of PHP to do color searching within images. Here is a quote from the new tutorial titled Precision color searching with Gmagick and Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

There are many insights that we can gain by considering colors. For example, a search for Manchester football teams will yield more meaningful results if colors close to either primary red or blue is specified, and that certainly makes all the difference.

We can also use information implicit in colors to fulfill our search requirements without additional search support structure. If we want to search for the Victoria line on London’s useful tube map for example, we could search for the light blue color RGB(24, 132, 188) instead of having to set up the vector structures or other means to enable highlighting of the line. With Gmagick, we can highlight search results as we shall see further on in this section.

This is not light reading. Vito is long on the HOW, including relevant code snippets from the sample application and a link to the entire code base. Visit this article at your own risk. Vito’s articles have been known to cause developers to lose hours of their lives at a time learning.