Zend Developer Zone Announces the Return of Jayson Minard as Editor-in-Chief

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In early 2006 I launched the Zend Developer Zone (as we now know it) with the intent to “advance the art of PHP.” At that time we were also involved in many simultaneous efforts including the launch of the Zend Framework project, and an effort to take ZendCon up a notch. I eventually faded away from ZDZ to work on those other efforts and left it in the capable hands of Cal Evans and then for this past year, Eli White.

I am now returning to Zend Developer Zone to retake the reins as Editor-in-Chief and once again go after my original goal: To provide a huge value to the PHP community with original, deep, example and situation laden content. And I am going after this with a vengeance. Through community contributors, partners and sharing my own expertise we will build a base of knowledge that helps us all be better at what we do: build, manage and operate PHP applications.

Jayson Minard My career dates back into the 80’s and I have been involved in every wave of software development languages, tools, platforms and ideologies since then. I have touched most things from A..Z in the technology universe (Assembler to Zend Framework?). I expect to use that breadth to bring perspective to the content of ZDZ and fill in the areas that surround PHP that every developer should care about, things their managers should care about, things their cross-functional team should care about, and maybe even a thing or two for your CTO, CIO and CEO. A bit more of my background can be found in my updated ZDZ profile.

I look forward to getting started here this week and getting that first new article under my belt. Back to my writing table! And don’t forget, you can contribute as well. Please either submit an article directly, or contact me by e-mail if you wish to work more closely and within the editorial calendar.

Lastly, a special thinks to Eli White as he exits the position, all the best in your future endeavours! You can once again find Eli on his own website.