White Paper: Troubleshooting PHP Issues with Zend Server Code Tracing

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Zend Server is an enterprise-ready web application server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security. A complete, well- tested PHP stack, Zend Server is easy to set up and update on Linux and Windows, cutting the time traditionally spent on tracking, installing, configuring and testing dozens of PHP libraries and drivers. Zend Server’s built-in caching and acceleration capabilities ensure your PHP applications are delivering optimized performance, and integrated application monitoring and advanced diagnostic capabilities enable you to quickly detect, isolate and resolve any failures or performance bottlenecks, ensuring the application meets even the most stringent SLA requirements. Zend Server users receive up to 24×7 technical support, continuous software updates, hot fixes, and security patches provided by Zend, The PHP Company.

One of the key features of Zend Server is its ability to analyze the root cause of problems. In order to resolve an issue, one must first figure out what went wrong – fixing a problem is often much easier that identifying its root cause. However, finding root cause can often be challenging during testing, and incredibly difficult when the application is running in production. Trying to reproduce the exact environment, application state, and server load in the development lab is both time-consuming and error-prone, thereby taking developers away from their most important task – writing code.

The release of Zend Server 5 takes Zend Server’s root cause analysis capabilities to a whole new level by introducing code tracing. Code tracing captures PHP application execution both in production and in test lab environments. This allows developers to replay reported problems instead of trying to re-create them. As a result, there is a dramatic decrease in time consumed by root cause analysis.

The full white paper (PDF) is available on the Zend website.