Results of April’s ZF Bug Hunt Days

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week ago
, Zend Framework held its monthly bug hunt days.
During our monthly bug hunts, we try to get contributors to focus on closing
out issues in the issue
, in order to improve the overall quality of the project.

Each month, we offer the contributor who assists in closing the most issues
an official Zend Framework t-shirt. This month, php|architect also sponsored 1-year
subscriptions to the top 3 contributors, upping the incentive for

This month’s hunt was quite active, and we managed to close more
than 70 issues
, ranging over 19 components.

I’m pleased to announce this month’s top three contributors:

Those who have been following Zend Framework for some time likely know or
have heard of Benjamin. He’s been
using ZF for over two years, and his first contribution was ZendX_Jquery,
which mirrors much of the functionality of Zend_Dojo in order to provide jQuery support for ZF users. Since then,
he’s worked in a variety of components, but most recently, we’ve seen him
active in the Doctrine project,
and integrating Doctrine with ZF.

Juozas has been using and contributing
to Zend Framework simultaneously for a year now. His interest with ZF
started with last year’s European WinPHP challenge
(which he won!), where he collaborated with Rob Allen to create a SqlSrv Zend_Db

Christian has been using Zend
Framework since mid-2008, in projects ranging from cultural center websites
to those for tax accountants. He started contributing only recently, as he
ran into behavior inconsistencies in Zend_Form and decided to fix them
upstream instead of within his current project — in part due to realizing
that the component lead (um, that’s me…) has been too busy to give it
attention. This is his first time contributing to an open source project; I
issued him SVN access on Friday, after reviewing a staggering number of his
patches and finding them to be of great quality. Welcome aboard, Christian!

These three developers have provided a great service for Zend Framework
users, and I look forward to incorporating the results of their efforts in
our 1.10.4 release next week. Please join me in congratulating each of them!

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