Mihai Crolan: Debugging Flex and PHP

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From Mihai Corlan’s blog:

bq. As your projects grow in size and more people get involved you’ll find yourself fixing more and more bugs. When this happens, one of the best friends a developer has is the debugger. In this paper, I’ll talk about some of the workflows and tools you can use to debug Flex and PHP projects.

bq. If you want to try the steps outlined here for yourself, you’ll need Flash Builder 4, a PHP and MySQL server (MAMP or WAMP will do just fine), Eclipse PDT, and XDebug.

In this tutorial, he covers the following topics:

* Installing the sample project
* Using Flash Builder 4 features for debugging
* Debugging the PHP code
* Using XDebug, Eclipse PDT, and Flash Builder 4 to debug Flex and PHP code
* Other techniques

And he includes a link to a recent webinar on the topic. “Read the full article on corlan.org”:http://corlan.org/debugging-flex-and-php/.