Memphis PHP Meetup: July 22, 2010

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If you follow the PHP community at all you know that around May and June several new PHP User Groups popped up. (If there is one in your area, make sure you support it) One of the groups that has recently come together is the Memphis PHP User Group in Memphis, TN – US.

This fun new group is headed up by Jeremy Kendall and meets on the 4th Thursday of every month. More information on the group and how you can join can be found at the Memphis PHP Meetup page.

This months’ meeting is coming up quick. As of this writing, it will be tomorrow, Thursday, July 22, 2010. Jeremy will be presenting on the topic “A brief introduction to Zend_Form”

“Zend Form is one of my favorite parts of the Zend Framework. I’ve used Zend Form more than any of the other framework components, excepting the MVC components. Zend Form handles form markup, input filtering, input validation, and more, all without my having to work too hard to make it all come together.” — Jeremy Kendall

I know if you are in the West Tennessee area you are going to want to join this group and get involved. If you are a business in the West Tennessee area and scouting for PHP talent, I am sure Jeremy wouldn’t mind letting you sponsor the Pizza or beer one month.

Don’t miss this, and every month’s meeting of the Memphis PHP User Group. (First one to spot Elvis buys the first round.)