Twice the Amount of Bugs and Twice the Amount of Winners!

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Zend Framework has recently wrapped up it’s July 2010 Bug Hunt with some fantastic results. Collectively, we closed 50 issues in 3 days. That’s nearly twice what we have seen in recent months- a trend we hope continues into the coming months!

This month was a neck-to-neck race to the finish line between Dolf Schimmel and Ramon Henrique Ornelas. This epic battle ended in a tie for first place between the two with 14 bugs closed apiece. Congratulations to you both! Get in touch with Ralph Schindler to claim your prizes. Third place was claimed by Michelangelo van Dam. Michelangelo showed significant promise in claiming first place up until he had to bow out mid-day Saturday. He didn’t win the tee-shirt, but got a runner up prize of a brand new baby boy! (Michelangelo, ZF baby tee’s sound like a pretty good idea to me and congrats on your new addition!)

The fixes in this bug hunt that have been merged into the 1.10 release branch will see the light of day in our next scheduled mini release 1.10.7 during the week of July 26th.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated this month. Remember that we will be hosting Bug Hunt Days each third week of the month.

Ralph Schindler