Nick Belhomme on PHP 5.3.3 namespaces

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If you are in the Zend Framework community then you are no stranger to Nick Belhomme and his blog. If you are not into Zend Framework, don’t worry, this tutorial is straight PHP, he doesn’t try to convert you to the dark side.

This latest tutorial by Nick, PHP 5.3.3 Namespaces walks developers through implementing namesspaces in an application.

With PHP5.3.3 recently released I really feel it is time that php developers are taking namespaces seriously. If you don’t I guarantee you will be out of a job within five years. Namespaces are a fundamental part of the future of PHP.

Nick’s code walks readers through building a very simple bowling simulator. (because, as we all know, bowling is just too exciting in real life, we need to simulate it.)

PHP 5.3.3 Namespaces walks a fine line between being long and boring and being thorough. Most developers with a solid OO background should be able to read the code, understand it and follow Nick’s thought process.

This is a good starting point for any PHP developers wanting to being implementing namespaces in their applications. (and have a job in five years!)