MongoDB ODM: MongoDB for eCommerce

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I don’t often read the Doctrine project blog, even though I am friends with a couple of their developers. I may have to change that after having read this post by Bulat S, “MongoDB ODM: MongoDB for eCommerce

Building an eCommerce system is not easy, and building a platform is even harder. When it comes to data in eCommerce, there is nothing definite, no real structure you could stick to, and no final requirements. Something as obvious as the “item you add to cart” could be overly complicated when it comes to data.

Bulat talks about Magento and how at OpenSky, they use MongoDB for storing products and MySQL for storing orders.

It is a very interesting post with lots of code goodness. If you are considering Doctrine/MongoDB or are just interested in how others are using these new technologies, it is definitely worth a look.

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