Zend Framework 1.10.7 Released

The Zend Framework team announces the immediate availability of Zend
Framework 1.10.7, our seventh maintenance release in the 1.10 series. This
release includes around 60 bug fixes.

For those uses of Zend_Service_Twitter, please ensure you
upgrade to 1.10.6 or 1.10.7 ASAP. These releases introduce a change in the
Zend_Service_TWitter API that enforces the use of OAuth by
default when using methods that require authentication. The change was
introduced to help prepare Zend Framework users for the Twitter
in mid-August. (If you cannot upgrade, there
are other ways to integrate Zend_Oauth with

You may download ZF 1.10.7 from the Zend Framework site.

For a full list of resolved issues, you can visit the changelog:


I’d like to thank everyone who contributed code to these releases, including
those who submitted patches, translated documentation, or reported issues.
Keep your eyes peeled for another maintenance release at the end of next

1.11.0 Release Planned

In related news, we are planning a 1.11.0 release for the end of September.
This will incorporate bugfixes from the 1.10 series, updates and
normalization to validator translation strings, and a variety of new

If you have an existing component proposal you would like considered for
1.11.0, please be aware that you will also be required to port it to ZF 2.0;
if that does not deter you, please create a proposal ASAP and contact the Community
Review Team

Zend Framework 2.0 Status

We are actively working on ZF 2.0 at this time, and closing in on our first
development milestone. In this milestone, we are completing the following

  • Stripping require_once calls from the entire codebase
  • Refactoring the test suite to use native PHPUnit facilities instead of
    our hand-written test suites
  • Migration to PHP 5.3 namespaces

Once ready, we plan to release a tarball of this milestone, as well as a
roadmap showing upcoming milestones on the ZF2 roadmap. Keep tuned for more
information in the next couple weeks!

About Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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