ZendCon T-Shirt contest

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Free T-Shirts may not be the reason people attend conferences but 6 months after the conference, it is usually the one thing you still remember. (Except for maybe the after party where you had four White Russians and the fifth ended up on a friend) This year Zend has decided to crowd source the design of the ZendCon10 T-Shirts. You can go to the site http://php-spirit.strutta.com/, see all the current designs, vote for your favorite, and submit your own.

Summer is upon us, which means that the annual Zend/PHP Conference (ZendCon), the world’s largest gathering of the PHP community, is drawing near. Preparations are already in high gear, and you can make an impact on what fellow PHPers will wear in Fall of 2010! Submit your cool t-shirt designs or just cast your vote.

The winning design will be used for the new ‘official’ PHP t-shirt. Every ZendCon attendee (and some others) will be getting the free t-shirt, and you get a free pass to the conference!

The winner gets a free ticket to ZendCon10 where they will be hailed as the conquering hero by tens of thousands of developers from all over the world. (Or possibly just get to attend a cool conference and see people wearing their design) Either way, it is one of the few chances to both make your mark on the community and get a free ticket to ZendCon10.

So grab your box of crayons and get to work on those designs. Don’t forget to visit daily and vote on the new designs.