Matthew Weier O’Phinney talks about “Autoloading Benchmarks”

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Matthew "Go to hell" "Weier O'PhinneyMatthew Weier O’Phinney is the Chief Architect of the Zend Framework. (One day we really need to get him a hat, sunglasses and a pipe to complete the image) Beyond that though, he’s a really smart guy. Because of this, anytime he blogs something technical, a lot of people tend to read it and talk about it. Well, he’s done it again, he’s blogged something technical. This time Sir Matthew (no, not yet, I’m just trying that one on for size) is talking about autoloaders in his post titled, “Autoloading Benchmarks“.

During the past week, I’ve been looking at different strategies for autoloading in Zend Framework. I’ve suspected for some time that our class loading strategy might be one source of performance degradation, and wanted to research some different approaches, and compare performance.

I’ll be honest, the PHP community at large can be divided into two groups, those that worry about autoloaders and those that don’t. I will admit that I am firmly in that second camp. If you are standing near me in this second camp, this post may do more to confuse than educate. Matthew, as always, assumes you understand the topic and wastes no time on a beginner’s HOWTO but dives right into the deep end.

If however, you are one who is interested in autoloaders, this post is going to be a treat for you. Matthew wastes very little space on code samples, opting instead to talk about his benchmarking methodology and results.

Grab a bottle of your favorite micro-brew or caffeinated beverage and head over to Matthew’s blog. Read it until you understand it and then discuss it.