ZendCon 2010: 3 Questions for Michaelangelo van Dam

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Michelangelo contemplates it’s really hard for me to interview someone like Michaelangelo van Dam, it’s like interviewing a celebrity. He is so well known in the Zend Framework community and the PHP Community at large. he is one of the organizers of the PHPBenelux User Group and their annual conference. (Doesn’t he look damn spiffy in his shades? It looks like he can see the future of the web built on Zend Framework. Or maybe it was just a few too many at the DPC ’09 Speaker’s Dinner)

As difficult as it was thought, I powered through it to bring you, my valued reader, 3 questions with Michaelangelo van Dam

  1. Why You?

    Last week I got a call from Matthew asking if I had interest of running the uncons at ZendCon and I replied that he’d know he could count on me for community related stuff. I’ve already had earned my merits running PHPBenelux, a very successful user group in the Benelux (that’s an acronym for the European countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). I’m also heavily involved within the PHP community on a more global scale sharing knowledge and best practices on IRC, mail or Skype. If you’ve been to any big conference in Europe or the US, you’ve probably seen me talk on stage or at the uncon sessions so I’m not unfamiliar talking to a large crowd.
    This year I was also running the uncon sessions at the Dutch PHP Conference (DPC) along with Stefan Koopmanschap where we offered a place for people to share their knowledge or continue a main talk with other enthusiasts.

  2. Aren’t you also speaking at ZendCon?

    Yes, I’m scheduled with 3 talks at ZendCon: “Unit Testing after Zend Framework 1.8”, “Improving QA on PHP projects” and “Why Zend Framework powers the Enterprise”. In all honesty, I believe the latter will be an eye-opener for most developers, since I’m working as a freelance consultant for large-size company, enterprise and government clients where I use Zend Framework from a complete different point of view. It’s also aimed at business owners and managers to choose the perfect tool to get the job done. But the two others are equally interesting, answering questions I got from many developers.
    Anyways, it looks like I need to take a break from work when ZendCon is over.

  3. How do I get my talk approved for the UnCon?

    Ha, this is the easy part ! There’s no pre-registration, all you need to do is to attend ZendCon and find your way to the uncon whiteboard. You’ll see a table with times in the first column. See which time fits your own time schedule that is not yet taken by someone else and add your name and topic after that time. There you go, you’re registered. No bribing, no pre-registration, nothing to worry about. But do remember that First-come, first-serve. So, come early to the conference and claim your spot. Each day of the conference is a new chance to get your name on the board.

    A few pointers:

    • Check the schedule and try to figure out which topics are hot, you most likely won’t get a lot of audience in your uncon session
    • Come early, more time slots will likely be available
    • Follow me on twitter (@DragonBe) to stay updated on the uncon sessions
    • If we can arrange it, we’ll have an uncon schedule online somewhere
    • Give feedback on joind.in to the uncon speakers, they’re there to learn how to improve their talks so they make a chance to get a stage position on any other conference.

So, pack your power points, get your ticket and join us in Santa Clara, Nov 1-Nov 4th for ZendCon!