ZendCon 2010: 3 Questions with Ivo Jansch

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Ivo Jansch

PHP is used all over the world and for all sorts of interesting projects. So it is no surprise that ZendCon pulls speakers from across the globe. One of the speakers coming to Santa Clara from afar is Ivo Jansch. Fresh off his role at CTO for Ibuildings in The Netherlands (and Crew Chief for the world renowned Ibuildings Mario Kart team) Ivo is now stepping out on his own and has started Egeniq with two associates. (Egeniq has one of the cutest “Coming Soon” pages I’ve seen in a long time). Since Ivo will be with us again this year for ZendCon, I thought I would catch up with him and ask him…3 Questions.

  1. You are talking about Mobile and PHP but I’ve yet to be able to compile PHP for my phone, what gives?

    Even if you could compile php on your phone, would you really want to? The thing is, it’s not important what you run on which device. There’s a far more important revolution going on. The internet is becoming portable. We no longer consume the Internet from behind our desktops, but from many different devices, such as phones, tablets, tvs, watches etc. Also, with the ‘internet of things’, many more devices are getting connected. From home automation to ssh-ing to your fridge to check if the light inside is off; internet is becoming more and more ubiquitous. This means that as web developers, we need to shift focus from the page based web, to the more general connected Internet. Luckily, php is in a great shape to play an important role in this revolution. At zendcon, I’ll be discussing this topic in detail in my ‘php in the mobile ecosystem’ talk.

  2. Everybody knows that big companies use PHP but don’t they just install WordPress so the marketing department doesn’t have to bug the programmers whenever they want to release a new press release?

    Yeah, they do :) but rightly so; if you need a blog, you install wordpress. Best tool for the job, even in enterprise environments. But that’s not all they install. Companies build amazing things with php. I’ve seen systems that non php folk think you can only build in java. Systems with massive amounts of transactions, connected services, thousands of users. Php is still capable of some pretty amazing things. I was recently involved in a project where we built a single sign on and collaboration infrastructure that is going to be used in an environment with several thousands of users across a large set of universities and companies. We used components such as the zend framework and a couple of open source tools, all built in php. If you’re interested, i’ll be talking about this system in my single sign on talk at zendcon.

  3. Didn’t you just start your own company? Are YOU compiling PHP for phones?

    Yes i did! I’m a firm believer in this portable internet revolution i talked about earlier, so I’ve decided to found egeniq.com, a company where we will be focusing on exactly that. This means we build solutions consisting of mobile applications plus the underlying infrastructures. Our technical angle is what differentiates us from a lot of other companies moving into mobile apps development. Its one thing to build an app, its another thing to make it scale so that the underlying apis work even when it hits the top 10 in the app store. And we use php, among other things, to achieve that.

    So we don’t compile php for phones, but whether we are developing for android or iphone: the underlying apis are always built in php!

For those of you lucky enough to already have tickets to ZendCon 2010, add Ivo to your list of people you want to sit down with and talk. If you’ve not yet gotten your ticket, there are still some left. Hurry on over to the ZendCon Registration page and get yours now.