Doing the Twitter OAuth Mambo is easy with Zend_Oath

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Joey Rivera posted a tutorial titled Twitter API, OAuth Authentication, and Zend_Oauth Tutorial on his blog recently. In it he details how to authenticate with the Twitter API using Zend_Oauth.

I recently had to work on a project that required me to interact with the Twitter API. I had done this before so I wasn’t expecting anything different until I remembered that Twitter had changed their API to start using OAuth for authentication. If you are not familiar with OAuth, it’s a secure way of authenticating without requiring a user to submit their username and password to third-parties – you can read more about it at OAuth. There are lots of resources online that talk about this in detail but I wasn’t able to find one that explained the entire process in a way that made sense. Hopefully this post will give you everything you need to get started with the Twitter API. I’m going to go through the steps required to make this work without using the entire Zend framework.

Joey goes on to give a good overview of his process along with a lot of sample code. He takes you through not only the process of writing toe code but what you need to do on the twitter side to register your app so that Twitter will talk to it. It’s not a short read but if you are interested in this topic, it is a good read.