A new tutorial on using Facebook’s PHP SDK

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Over on his blog, Joey Rivera recently posted a tutorial on how to interact with Facebook’s Graph API and PHP SDK.

In the tutorial, Joey takes the time to walk you through the entire process, soup to nuts. Not having worked with Facebook’s PHP SDK, I knew nothing when I started reading the tutorial. I was very impressed with the completeness of it. Here’s a quick taste from the section titled “Graph API”.

This was confusing to me at first, specially since I keep rushing my project instead of taking my time to carefully look and read over the documents to truly understand what’s going on. Here is the Facebook Graph API overview if you would like to read that first but I’ll try to summarize it here. Graph API allows you to call various resources all of which will be returned to you as JSON objects. You’ll have to spend some time at the Graph API References page to understand the different objects available, parameters they have, and what the required extended permissions are to access them.

The writing style is very easy to read and Joey spends the time to explain the WHY and not just the HOW, although there’s plenty of the HOW as well. If you have been interested in working with Facebook in you PHP apps but not yet taken the plunge, this tutorial is well worth the read. Make sure you block off enough time to actually follow along with the tutorial and build the sample app, don’t just skim this one, shove it into del.icio.us and forget about it.