Chris Hartjes – Book Reivew: PHP 5 Social Networking

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First off, you have GOT to love a blogger that will use that picture on his blog. :)

Long time DevZone readers will remember an interview I did with Chris, 30 Minutes with Chris Hartjes and my description of him

he looks like a biker with a laptop.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Chris in person he really is a smart and nice guy, even if he looks a bit…imposing. :)

Recently Chris blogged about a book he was sent to review, “Book Reivew: PHP 5 Social Networking”. Let’s take a peek at what he had to say.

It’s also rare to find a book that teaches you something while you are actually building something. If you were to actually sit down and type in every single code example, my guess is that you would have 90% of a completely working site. Building upon all that stuff you’ve learned by following the book along, it seems to me it would be easy to get it to 100%.

I won’t give away the ending for you though, you’ll have to go read Chris’ post to see whether he recommends you purchase and work through this 450+ page tome. Well, what are you waiting for, go ahead and click on over there.

By way of a p.s. Congratz to Moontoast for hiring Chris. Normally I would say “I hope you know what a talent you are getting”, but I have a feeling you guys do. ;)

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