PHP Community webinars by Zend (and others)

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There are a lot of webinars out there begging for developers to participate. Many contain quality content that is useful to developers; others, not so much. As a company who builds tools for developers, most assume Zend’s webinars are nothing more than ads for their products; this is why we don’t assume things. In reality, about 1/2 of their webcasts feature prominent members of the PHP community talking about open source tools that developers will find interesting. Here are a few of the recent ones.

All of these and the other non-community webcasts, can be found on the “Recorded Webinars” page.

The only caveat is that you do have to log in to watch them. However, that is a small price to pay for content this good.

Of course Zend isn’t the only one doing informative webcasts, php|architect has their webcast series going right now and just released their first recording. “Webcast: Phactory”

Now, find the webinars button on the right of the screen again and click it. (or just click here) See these are only the recorded webinars, there are plenty still to come and you can watch them live.

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