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Stuart Herbert, PHP community member and all around nice guy, has been posting a series of posts on his blog based on his PHPUK talk “Beyond Frameworks”. There are a grand total of 13 posts, all made within a 7 day period, an astonishing feat to say the least. Here’s a taste:

In my Beyond Frameworks talk, I explained how a component-based architecture can help answer some of the important (i.e. expensive!) questions you might face when creating long-lived apps that rely on a PHP framework. In this series of blog posts, I’m going to look at how to go about creating and working with components.

Here is a list of the posts so far.

  1. Planning An App That Uses Components
  2. Decomposing An App Into Components
  3. Creating A Skeleton Component
  4. Setting Up Your Component’s Metadata, Pt 1
  5. Setting Up Your Component’s package.xml File
  6. Adding Unit Tests For Your Component
  7. Where To Put Your Component’s Unit Tests
  8. How To Run Your Component’s Unit Tests
  9. Dealing With PEAR Dependency Quirks
  10. Working With Non-Namespaced Components
  11. Testing Remote Web Services The Quick And Nasty Way
  12. Unit Test Coverage For Components
  13. Making A PEAR-Compatible Package

Of course if you want links to the actual posts, you need to go visit Stuart’s blog.

If you find what Stuart has shared useful, make sure and drop him an email telling him so. Creating this much high-quality content takes a lot of effort; it is always nice to know it’s been useful to someone.

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