Eric Hogue talks about Profiling a PHP Application

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PHP community member Eric Hogue has written a very interesting post about “Profiling a PHP Application” This is a problem that all developers should face. In his post, Eric gives a good rundown of three options developers have for finding performance issues with their applications. Here’s an excerpt to gives you a taste.

When developing web applications, we often run into performance issues. People often blame PHP or MySQL for bad performance, but in most case the answer is not that easy. Blindly trying to optimize random parts of our applications can lead to some uneven results.

There are many available tools to profile a PHP application. Learning how to use them can help us pinpoint which parts are slow. With this information we can pick the optimizations that will give us the best results.

The three packages Eric discusses are:

  • Xdebug
  • XHProf
  • XHGui

Of course to actually see what Eric has to say about them and find links to the projects, you need to visit his post.

Performance testing is important to web applications of all sizes. Now that Google has announced that page speed is one of their factors, every developer should be concerned about the speed of their application. A big hat-tip to Eric for showing us the tools to find the problems.

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