Lukas Kahwe Smith talks about how symfony2 is pushing the PHP ecosystem

I love the title of Lukas Kahwe Smith’s blog, “Poo-tee-weet”. While Lukas has never explained the title to me personally, I assume that it is in reference to one of my son’s favorite books, “Slaughterhouse Five“.

Recently on Poo-tee-weet, Lukas released a post that talked about some of the contributions that the symfony community is giving back to the wide area PHP community. The post, titled “Symfony2 community pushing the PHP ecosystem”, lists 9 projects that work independently of the symfony framework and that are available to all PHP developers.

Even if you don’t care about Symfony2 or Silex and instead prefer some other framework, there is stuff to benefit from going on inside the Symfony2 community. Not only are the Symfony2 components all build to also work standalone, but key contributors are also building libraries and tools that should proof useful for the entire PHP ecosystem. For an overview of the components part of Symfony2 I refer you all to github. Here is a short overview in alphabetical order of libraries that have spawned around Symfony2 (and just to clarify not at all focused on just Symfony2). Common to all of them are that they require PHP 5.3 and follow the PSR-0 for class loading.

The rest of the post id dedicated to highlighting and explaining 9 projects that have come out of the symfony community. He gives you links to each of them as well as a brief description of that they are all about. He does that because he’s a nicer guy than I am; I’m just going to give you the link to his blog post. If you want more, you’ll have to click on through.

It is nice to see a framework community taking the time to give back to the wide area PHP community. The symfony community is blessed with high-profile and talented developers and evangelists like Lukas, Stefan (skoop) Koopmanschap, and Ryan Weaver. I appreciate their efforts to make tools we can all use, even while building one of the most popular PHP frameworks out there.

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