A few podcast goodies to kick your week off right

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I love podcasts. I listen to them in most of my spare time. Walking the dog, cutting the grass or just cooling my heels waiting on the next great thing that is happening, i can usually be found with ear-bud inserted and MP3 player handy, ready to use the time constructively. Recently, I’ve listened to a couple of good episodes of my favorites ‘casts.

“Ricky Gervais on Not Having a Real Job”

HBR Ideacast is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. I keep listening thinking that if I lesten to smart people talk, maybe it will rub off on me. Most episodes of HBR Ideacast are business related, not usually the stuff that developers can really get excited about. However, recently, they released an episode titled “Ricky Gervais on Not Having a Real Job”. This is a great way to spend 12 minutes of your life. On a personal note, it is always very difficult for me to tell when Ricky Gervais is being serious or playing a part. I’m mostly convinced that he is being serious in this interview but it’s just so hard to take him seriously.

“Sahil Parikh of DeskAway.com”

If you aren’t listening to WideTeams.com podcast, you really need to be. Avdi Grimm, the host, does a great job of finding interesting people to talk to about the topic of distributed teams. If you already telecommute, Avdi gives you some great insights; if you want to telecommute, Avdi shows you how. Recently (and it’s not real recently because I’m backlogged on listening to WideTeams) Avdi posted “Sahil Parikh of DeskAway.com”. I don’t know Sahil but as I listened to this particular episode, it just spoke to me. The content was great as always but this one was just special. Maybe it was because Avdi has so much trouble recording it and I’ve so been there.

“The 10 people you need to successfully publish (or self publish) a book”

I listen to a lot of non-development related podcasts, one of them is “The Hopkinson Report”. I’ll be honest, the guy that does it is more than a little self-serving. That having been said, if you can make it through the “I”‘s in every episode, there usually some good content. Good being if you are into marketing. Recently he published an episode titled “The 10 people you need to successfully publish (or self publish) a book”. I found this one very interesting. Jim has recently published his first book (or is about to) and so a lot of his recent podcasts have been thinly veiled promos for the book; however, this episode I found interesting. Even though I work for a publisher, I know very little about how books are published. It is always fun to learn something new.

“Brandon Savage and Scott Gordon discuss the pros and cons of working with a recruiter”

One of my personal side projects is a podcast called “Voices of the ElePHPant”. Recently, I was privileged to host a live conversation between my friends Brandon Savage and Scott Gordon, “Brandon Savage and Scott Gordon discuss the pros and cons of working with a recruiter”. Brandon Savageis a developer and Scott Gordon is a technical recruiter; together they discussed the good and bad sides of using a recruiter to find a new job. It was a fun conversation between two people that are passionate about their points of view.

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