Announcing the May 2011 Zend Framework Bug-Hunt

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For those who haven’t put the reoccurring event in their calendar, this announcement is for you: Zend Framework Monthly Bug-hunt is here again! Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday of May (the 26th, 27th and 28th 2011), we’ll be hosting our monthly bug hunt. For those of you unfamiliar with the event, each month, we organize the community to help reduce the number of open issues reported against the framework.

First- congratulations to Adam Lundrigan for closing 29 issues and winning the April bug-hunt. This last bug-hunt was a major success. It’s true that in the past we’ve closed more issues, such as last November where we closed over 110 issues. What’s better about this time around is that we actually had more bugs as “Fixed” as opposed to closed as “Not an Issue” or “Won’t Fix” or “The Issue Tracker Is not The Mailing List”. Around 60% of the closed issues were “Fixes”.

This month, I’ve made a change to JIRA to allow you to see and search on the number of attachments inside a particular issue. This should allow developers to easily identify which issues have had files attached to them, mostly in the form of unit tests and fix patches. See the screen shots below to undertand the feature:

Don’t know where to start? – Well, have a gander at our issue tracker, in particular the following filter. Listed here this issue tracker filter are nearly 1200 issues of all shapes and sizes of open unresolved issues. Lot’s of times, just the simple act of triaging an issue will result in “Won’t Fix” or “Not an Issue”. These are what we like to call the low-hanging fruit– both a great place to start with as a first time bug hunter, but also a great place to rack up on closed issues to help you put up some solid numbers. With so many open issues, large and small, there is no reason to miss out on this bug-hunt.

Click here to search through our unresolved issues.

All in all, bug hunt days have helped us close more than a 1000 issues in Zend Framework since their inception. These bug hunts have proved vital to keeping up the bug squashing momentum in this project. So, whether they are big bugs or small bugs, remember this: all bugs are worthy of being squashed.

Not convinced you should join in yet? Here are some more reasons:

  • Improve your coding skillz by being around some of PHP’s top developers in while hunting for bugs.
  • Win THE Zend Framework t-shirt — the individual who resolves or assists in resolving the most issues wins a Zend Framework t-shirt! (This is the same t-shirt so many people were asking for at ZendCon 2010 worn by Matthew and Ralph during the ZF2 live talk.)
  • Help improve the overall quality of the code you’re already using.
  • Fix issues that have been affecting you.
  • Save you and your company time spent managing your own patches to ZF, and move the maintenance upstream by patching the framework itself.
  • Learn valuable Quality Assurance skills.
  • All the cool kids are doing it. Are you cool?

If you want to help out, please make sure you have a CLA on file with us, and then join us in the channel on Freenode on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. If you would like more information on specifics of participating, read our guide.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this month’s Bug Hunt Days!