Zend Framework 1.11.9 Released

A number of potential BC issues were identified in the 1.11 series, and
specifically in the 1.11.8 release, and as such, the Zend Framework team is
releasing version 1.11.9 just one week following 1.11.8. It is available for
immediate download:

The changelog is available on the site as well:

The specific changes that may affect some users are as follows:

  • ZF-11548: In previous
    versions, the “Modules” Zend_Application resource would return an
    ArrayObject. Some refactoring done for 1.11.8 to help improve maintenance
    missed this and changed the return value to a PHP array. We’ve kept the
    maintentance improvements, but reverted to the original return behavior.
  • ZF-11547: a typo
    introduced in configuration handling broke behavior in the File Zend_Cache
    frontend; this has been corrected.
  • ZF-10725: the
    ViewRenderer view script normalization routine was streamlined for 1.11.8,
    but hit a case sensitivity issue that previously worked; a fix was introduced
    to support the old behavior.
  • ZF-11161: a fix to the XML
    log formatter prevented objects with __toString() implementations from
    being reported (in particular, exceptions); a fix was introduced to restore
    this behavior.
  • ZF-11550: Changes in
    Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc to make it fully route aware missed a specific
    case where null default values for matched keys were allowed.

Additionally, a change in the ReCaptcha javascript API led to a situation
where using a ReCaptcha element in a form supporting array notation no longer
worked. A fix for ZF-10991
was introduced to correct this issue — which, incidentally, also fixed an issue
on the ZF site’s contact form.

If you were using version 1.11.8 and using features affected by any of the
following issues, we strongly encourage updating to version 1.11.9 today.

Many thanks to all those who reported issues and helped provide patches or

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