Zend Developer Pulse

A new survey series that asks developers for their perspectives on technology and career prospects for 2012 
The goal of this new survey series is to capture and share developer perspectives with people in and outside the developer community who may be curious, interested or passionate about PHP. Here are a few highlights from the survey findings.

Survey Highlights

Tech Investment and Developer Focus Areas for 2012

Key areas of technology investment are revealed by the types of projects that developers expect to tackle as well as their priorities for career and skills development in the new year.

Key project focus areas:

  • 66 percent of developers will be engaged in mobile app development projects
  • For each of these four key technology areas — APIs, cloud, social media integration, and big data/analytics — between 40-50 percent of developers said they will have projects underway in 2012

Career and skills development priorities:

  • Next-generation UI development scored high both in the large enterprise and overall (75 percent)
  • 67 percent of all developers surveyed are looking to hone their app development skills on mobile platforms, and 46 percent in cloud computing environments
  • As one might expect, among corporate developers at companies over 100 employees, another priority is gaining expertise with Big Data/analytics (44 percent)


Cloud Opportunities on the Rise

  • More than 60 percent intend to use some form of public cloud in their development projects. Inside the Zend Developer Pulse Survey Report, you can find out which public clouds developers are working in now
  • As far as skills are concerned, 46 percent of all developers surveyed are looking to hone their skills in cloud computing. This result is consistent with the high level of interest that Zend is seeing at phpcloud.com, where developers are actively building apps for the cloud, in the cloud, in the free Zend Developer Cloud sandbox.


State of Languages

The new norm among developers is use of multiple languages, and rising use of dynamic open source languages, and the Zend Developer Pulse survey echoes this trend.

  • Four languages, PHP, C, Java and Javascript dominated survey results, with a number of other languages trailing far behind
  • Developers reported using 1-2 additional languages on a regular basis; as high as 33 percent of enterprise developers report using both PHP and Java
  • Two-thirds of all developers surveyed spend more than 50 percent of their time with PHP, using PHP as their core language; this includes an uptake of PHP in the enterprise


Increasing Demand for PHP Skills

From an employment perspective, more than half of developers surveyed see increasing demand for PHP skills in 2011-12. Inside the report, you can find out how this aligns with the findings of leading online job search companies, what developers are saying about language use today, and what other skills they’re looking to add to their bag of tricks.


Just for Fun

It turns out that 86% of developers surveyed prefer to listen to music while coding, so Zend asked about their music preferences.  To get 2012 off to a good start, developers shared their New Year’s resolutions, also captured in the report.

Developers are invited to contribute suggestions and questions they’d like to see addressed in future Zend Developer Pulse survey reports. It’s as easy as sending an email to developerpulse@zend.com.


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