Press Release Roundup – Zend Server on OSX and

Here at Zend we get a lot of good press for our products. We don’t want to turn DevZone into just a feed for those that write cool things about us, but some of these are helpful if you are considering using our products. So instead of flooding your feed with individual articles about how great the products are, occasionally we’ll post a roundup.  That way they won’t get in your way, but there are here when you need them.

Zend Server on OSX

This is one of the most requested features of Zend Server and now that it is available, people are talking about it.

Dr. Dobbs

Dr. Dobbs covered Zend Server on OSX in the tools section of their blog recently with an article titled “Zend Server 5.6 Now Supports Mac OS X“. In that article posted on January 22, 2012, they had this to say.

The 5.6 version release ships with a fully integrated PHP stack including the latest PHP runtime and the Zend Framework, plus monitoring and diagnostics. There are code acceleration and performance optimization technologies such as the Job Queue function, as well as full page caching and data caching to help developers improve application response times and reduce server load.


Over at Vangie Beal wrote a nice post titled “New Zend Server Release Supports Mac OS X Platform Developers“. Here is what Beal had to say.

For the growing numbers of IT organizations using PHP and bringing Macs into the development environment, Zend said its 5.6 release offers important advantages for both app performance and quality, and productive collaboration on the web and in the cloud.

Both articles are short reads but interesting if you are considering introducing Zend Server on OSX into your development team.

The newest member of the Zend product lineup,, got a little love as well. recently posted a nice review of it titled “First look: Zend’s PHP developer cloud“. Author Rick Grehan takes a nice, in-depth look at and has this to say about it.

When you consider the cloud, you typically imagine a realm of deployed, production applications. Zend Developer Cloud (ZDC) adds a twist: ZDC creates a place in the cloud where PHP-based applications can be developed for the cloud. No more developing locally, then deploying into the cloud — ZDC pushes both into the ether.

This article is a bit longer than the other two but a great read none the less.

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