Mayflower releases Zend Framework Application.ini cheatsheet

The Germans have done it again. Florian Eibec, over at recently posted on their blog that they have taken the time to create a comprehensive guide to Zend Framework’s Application.ini. In the blog post titled “Zend Framework application.ini Cheat-Sheet” they had this to say.

One problem persists [with Zend Framework’s Application.ini] although: the documentation. All the parameters for components like View, Session, Database etc. are documented either with the bootstrap resource, the component itself or both. Some of them are even completely undocumented and have to be extracted from the framework source code. Unfortunately there is no reference of all possibilities of the application.ini. To make my life – and that of other Zend Framework developers – a little bit easier, I created such a reference in form of an application.ini file with all possible options, grouped by resource and with some links and explanations.

The resulting application.ini can be found on gitup at the feibeck/application.ini. Be careful though, it is so complete and beautifully laid out, you may be tempted to print it out and frame it for office art rather than use it and start hacking it up.

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