Andi Gutmans talks of Apps and APIs

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Zend co-founder and CEO Andi Gutmans recently wrote an article that was published on titled “How to speak the language of the app economy“. It is an insightful piece about how things are changing for web developers in general and specifically for PHP developers.

Traditional application development platforms, processes and best practices are being replaced or revitalized with new alternatives that echo what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg terms “The Hacker Way”: rapid, iterative development and continuous integration, building high quality services over time by prototyping, quickly releasing, and fine-tuning through iterations rather than trying to get everything right all at once.

The article is an interesting read for developers but an important read for managers and Directors. If you don’t understand the concepts that Andi is talking about today, and point your team in their direction tomorrow, you may not have a next year. Grab it, stick it on your tablet or phone and ponder it over lunch or a Latte. Once you know how you feel about it, leave a comment.