Interview with Matthew Weier O’Phinney

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Meanwhile, in another part of the Internet, I had the great privileged of sitting down with Matthew Weier O’Phinney Chief Architect (Supreme Allied Commander) of Zend Framework and recording an episode of “Voices of the ElePHPant” podcast. In this interview – as with all Voices of the ElePHPant interviews – I ask Matthew 3 questions:

  1. Since Zend Framework is the opposite of the ideals behind the Micro PHP Manifesto, what are your thoughts on it?
  2. Zend Framework v2 is close but not done – should a new project go with v1 or v2?
  3. What is the current state of Zend Framework 2?

If you are using Zend Framework or thinking about using it, invest the 20-30 minutes it takes to listen to this interview to get hints as to where things are going.

Give it a listen and leave us a comment. The best way to have your voice heard is get involved in the conversation.