Roy Ganor writes about using for Facebook apps

Recently Roy Ganor wrote a very detailed HOWTO for setting up a Facebook application to run off of, titled “Getting Started with Your Facebook App on” This is a great starting point for anyone wanting to experiment with as Roy assumes no prior knowledge of it.

Not being someone who develops Facebook apps, my first thought was “What the heck?”. The more I dive into it though, the more I realize that cloud solutions like are the natural place to host them. Normally, this is where I would give you a paragraph quote from the article to give you a taste of what you will see. This article is however, very no-nonsense. Roy dives right in explaining how to get everything setup and running.

This article is long on the HOW and short on the WHY. You will either understand what is going on and send Roy a thank you comment, or your scratch you head and be totally confused. Either way, if you follow the instructions, you will finish up with a working platform to experiment with further. Sit down with it one weekend* and see how easy it is to work with

* You need a full weekend because once you get it working, you are going to have ideas on how to use it and you are going to want to code like a monkey on Mountain Dew

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