Tim de Pater talks Zend Framework (1&2)

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Everybody loves benchmarks for frameworks and every time you turn around, someone is writing a new one. This time it’s Tim de Pater benchmarking Zend Framework 1 vs. Zend Framework 2 in his post “ZEND FRAMEWORK 2 PERFORMANCE“. Here’s a quick excerpt.

A few days ago I read an article that compared some frameworks. Amongst others, both Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 2 were included. What struck me was that ZF2 was 5 times slower then ZF1. I know, it’s in beta, not yet optimized for production use. But I couldn’t believe the difference was so great. So I’ve tested it myself and want to share my results in this blog.

Now, the results are predictable, Zend Framework 1 is faster than Zend Framework 2. However, before the heads of other frameworks get too gleeful and start pointing to this and mocking – you know who you are – remember this, Zend Framework 2 is still in BETA and the contributors are working on features right now, not optimizations. When Tim discussed his findings with Matthew Weier O’Phinney – Supreme Allied Commander of Zend Framework, SALUTE – he said as much.

Matthew said; “I’d also argue it’s premature to report benchmarks at this point. We’re well aware of issues currently, but plan to address them pre-stable release” And he’s completely right. This benchmark was meant purely to see if the article from piprime.fr made any sense. And it’s a starting point for me to see what you can do with the different optimizations and what their performance impact is.

Personally, I am hoping that Tim uses this benckmark as a starting point and re-runs it as each now version of Zend Framework 2 is released so we can see its progress.