Zend’s own Kevin Schroeder talks XMPP and Zend Server

Recently over on ESchrade – the blog of all things Kevin Schroeder – a post was published titled “Using Jabber/XMPP for event notification with Zend Server and/or PHPCloud“. Now I love XMPP, I have since I saw Travis Swicegood give a talk on it titled “Building Real-Time Applications with XMPP“. It is a fascinating protocol that is really under utilized. So I was excited when I saw what Kevin had written. Here’s a quick taste.

There was something I’ve wanted to try for a little while. Messaging is something that’s interested me and with all of the work I’ve been doing on the Zend Developer Cloud I’ve been interested in seeing how to make things communicate a little better. One of the ideas I’ve wanted to try was to use instant messaging for notification when slow request or large memory usage events occur.

If you manage servers, like playing with interesting ideas or just don’t get enough instant messages, this post is for you. Head over and give it a read. It is a quick, no-nonsense, read that is longer on the HOW than the WHY but doesn’t dive very deep into either.

You will need a phpcloud.com account to play with Kevin’s idea. If you don’t have one, follow me (@calevans) on twitter and then shoot me an @ asking for one. I’ve got a couple left and I’m happy to share while they last.