Enrico Zimuel on “Use AgileZen in PHP with ZF2”

Enrico Zimuel has released a new post on his blog titled “Use AgileZen in PHP with ZF2“. If you are a fan of AgileZen then you are going to like this.

Recently the Zend Framework team has started to use the Kanban system of AgileZen to manage the ZF2 project. In order to communicate, in real time, all the development phases of Zend Framework 2, we built a dev board page, in the Zend Framework web site, that reads the content of the AgileZen board using the REST API of that service.

He goes on to explain about the new component they created for Zend Framework 2, ZendServiceAgileZen. Zimuel assumes you know what AgileZen is and how/when you would use it. He gives a paragraph about what AgileZen is but if you are not familiar with the concepts, you may want to stop here and go familiarize yourself with the project.

If you know about AgileZen then go ahead and read through the article. Zimuel is long on the HOW and short on the WHY but the end result is that you can use ZF2 to build tools that query and help manage your projects using AgileZen.