Rob Allen lists the Zend Framework events

Zend Framework community giant Rob “Akrabat” Allen recently released a post on his blog defining “A list of ZF2 events” that are triggered during a request in a Zend Framework 2 application.

Both the Module Manager and the MVC system use the Event Manger extensively in order to provide “hook points” for you to add your own code into the application flow. This is a list of the events triggered by each class during a standard request with the Skeleton Application:

Quite literally, the rest of the post is just a bare-bones list of the events. Now granted if you are already working with Zend Framework 2 then this list is going be very useful to you indeed. If you are on the fence about Zend Framework 2, this list is going to give you food for thought. However, if you program using any other framework, sorry, this one has nothing for you.