David Lukáš talks about Twitter Bootstrap Forms with Zend Framework 2

Over on ZF Daily, David Lukáš has posted his latest tutorial titled “TWITTER BOOTSTRAP FORMS WITH ZF2. EASILY“. This one deals with building forms with Twitter’s Bootstrap and Zend Framework 2. He does this via his Zend Framework 2 module, “DluTwBootstrap”.

It is at this point, I usually share a quote from the blog I am talking about. The problem is Davis spares precious few words on the WHAT and spends most of the article on the HOW. There are bullit lists of instructions, warnings and some excellent screen shots to help you get a feel for what you are building. There’s also not a lot of code samples, but the instructions should get you going and allow you to start playing with your own ideas.

I will share the one caveat that David put at the end. Don’t take this the wrong way, you still need to download his module and start playing with it now; but ti does come with a warning label.

All this in vain (sort of)

This is all very nice, but it won’t last! The ZF2 Form package is getting a major overhaul and some very basic concepts are going to change (e.g. we likely lose the decorators in favour of the view helpers). See the RFC – Forms to learn more. When the new Form package arrives in one of the future betas this module will need massive refactoring (and probably your form classes too). But until then we can easily generate nice looking Twitter Bootstrap forms using the DluTwBootstrap module.

If you’ve been looking for a way to integrate Bootstrap’s forms into your Zend Framework 2 application, look no further than this article. Make sure you drop David a comment telling him how much you like it.

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